Complete Guide to Open BroadCast Software

Open Broadcast Software is a free software that can be used to livestream and record your gameplay. The program is very easy on your CPU which is what gives it an advantage over other programs such as Xsplit and Flash Media Encoder. To get OBS, download it here.

Now that you have Open Broadcast Software, the first thing you need to do is get your stream key. Log in to your Twitch.Tv account and head to Click show key to get your stream key. It should be under “RTMP”. This key is required in order to stream with Open Broadcast Software.

How to Get Stream Key for Twitch.Tv

Now you need to get your settings right before you can stream. We going to run you through each tab of settings.

Open Broadcast Software: General Settings

First thing you need to do is select your language. Then it is important to set up a profile that you want to use so that you do not have to input your settings every time you open the program.

Open Broadcast Software: Encoding Settings

Encoding deals with the quality of your stream. These settings will vary from person to person based on their computer specs and internet connection. For quality we recommend selecting 9/10, but you can adjust it to your liking. For bitrate, select something that is roughly 60-75% of your upload speed. Test your upload speed at This will vary based on the game you are playing as well. If you are playing a single player game, you can most likely increase your bitrate. If you are playing a FPS Multiplayer game, you might want to lower it a little bit to keep your in-game connection good. Your buffer size should be the same as your bitrate. Now for audio, we recommend the AAC Codec, with a bitrate over 96 and using the format 44.1Khz Stereo.

Open Broadcast Software: Broadcast Settings

For this, select livestream as your mode and select as your service. For FMS url select the nearest server to where you are located. Now for the play/stream key use the RTMP code we got in the beginning of the tutorial. Check auto-reconnect and put it to 10 seconds for the auto-reconnect  timeout. Lastly, you can assign any keys you would like to the start/stop stream.

Open Broadcast Software: Video Settings

For your base resolution choose whatever the resolution of your monitor is. For example, if you have a 1920×1080 montior, select 1080p as your base resolution. Now select 1280×720 for your resolution downscale and select 30FPS (You can increase/decrease if you would like).

Open Broadcast Software: Audio Settings

For this, select the mic you are going to be using. You can set it to push-to-talk but we recommend against it as you may forget while streaming and end up with a rather boring stream without any talking.

Open Broadcast Software: Adding Video


Scenes can be used as intermission screens or to show videos. To add a scene, right click on the menu and select add scene

Global Sources

Global sources can be a game capture, software, images, etc. To add one, go to global sources and click “add”.

Screen Regions

Screen regions are most commonly used with the Hauppage HD PVR but can used to stream anything from your desktop. The best way to do it is use sub region and trace the area on your screen that you wish to stream.

Video Capture Devices

If you are going to be streaming with Dxtory, a webcam, or a capture card besides the Happauge HD PVR, this is what you need to use. First select the device. Use a custom resolution and use 1280×720 as your resolution. Now select your FPS (30 or 60 is best). Use the output format YY12. Now for the sound select output to stream only.

Now everything is setup and you can go live. Make sure to do a few test streams to get your settings right so the end result is a good picture for the viewers.

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